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12 Aug 2020

Decision Making From Choices

You do not need to know what you want all the time, knowing what you do not want is equally a strong motivation factor that should not be ignored. Probably contrary to what most have been told, I feel this should be emphasized.

Our human body adapts accepting new things, food, experiences and environments. Contrarily, when introduced to things it doesn’t like the body reacts in worse cases we end up with severe allergic breakouts. Clearly, the body does not know what it wants but definitely it will scream shout even stop if it doesn’t like something introduced to the system of the body.

Growing up, minors are asked often what they want to be when they grow up. What are their prospecting career choices. Most of the them end up picking top tier career choices like Engineering, Medicine, Law amongst others. Although we know clearly this fields offer limited to very few individuals, thus the competition is very stiff cut throat.

Some of the children will just pick these career choices because they seem to make the elders here being older relatives or parents. The choices might not be of the childs liking. Reminds me of a story I read about a horse that could count a meverick of his time Clever Hans , it had learnt to read human reactions and thus would use human emotion to determine whether it was the correct answer or not. I believe children tend to acquire this skill so that they answer the career question based on the emotional feedback.

Why am I even talking about decision making. This stemmed through conversation I was having a while back, on why I made some of the decisions I have made thus far. My response seemed to have surprised my conversation counter part, because I mentioned I did not know what I wanted but I knew what I did not. Especially my career path choices, and yes it did not have any of the above mentioned prominent career choices.

Whenever I am with the younger generations, I start career conversation with statements about what they like at a personal level. I do not create the perception that there is something superior than the rest. Passion stems from what people like, at times from things they discover on the go.

So cut the slack when talking to people trying to determine their careers, even to some who are changing their career choices after being in one for so long. Let us celebrate the present, the future might be very different, 2020 has taught us that.