Galaxy of Thoughts

Mental journies shuttling between utopia, dystopia and bordering paranoia.

18 Sep 2020

Strangers Thoughts | Poem

A stranger in my mind, a repulsive thought of guilty pleasure. Who is this that is not able to think right, think straight. Excuse me, we might need a straight jacket. The images that are flashing do not seem to be conjured out of the blues. Deep from the interludes of my cranium they seem to sprout out of nothingness of the black hole.

I have seen this before, reminiscing deja vu or confusion of being able to do martial art styles like kung fu. Fairy tales or is it furry tails, confusion of uttermost distortion. My mind pulling rabbits out of hats, playing Houdini theatrical magic tricks. Locking my mental gaze to his fingers while actioning other paraphernalia with his legs. Am shocked that am shocked, juxtaposition borne of confusion. The play of villain turn hero plus a twist of the reverse.

Sense none that is being made.