Galaxy of Thoughts - **Mental journies shuttling between utopia, dystopia and bordering paranoia.**

Galaxy of Thoughts

Mental journies shuttling between utopia, dystopia and bordering paranoia.

28 May 2020

City of Saints & Thieves by Natalie C Anderson

From the fictional city of Sangui all the way to Kasisi. Murder revenge theft and truth
18 May 2020

Border Crossing by Pat Barker

Setting is in North of England, in a city that is not London come to think of it no mention of where exactly it was. We meet up with a child Psychologist who one breezy morning talking a walk, rescues someone on from the river.
15 May 2020


Examining letter serialization of Mpesa SMS receipts. Do they have a pattern?
28 Apr 2020

Adventure with Kanduyi

The feeling of soft aerated, oiled and moist feet are quintessential heaven bless for the feet. Being closed up suffocated and squeezed in side closed shoes all day, the relief you get once you remove the pair of closed shoes is non comparable.
20 Apr 2020

Stay with me - Ayobami Adebayo

Setup in the late 80's to 90's Nigeria backdrop, we are introduced to Yejide wife to Akin. Who are the proverbial love at first sight couple.